Mobile app that helps you engage with your classmates

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Arianne Ortegaray
Hello hunters! I am part of the core Engrami team with founder @SandeepBapna. At Engrami we believe that learning should be a fun and social experience! We help people directly connect with their MOOC classmates. With online courses you are offered a huge breadth of knowledge from many different fields, however this comes with the tradeoff that you are learning in a silo. A valuable part of the learning experience is sharing and discussing the new concepts you are being introduced to and building connections to those you learn with. Through our free app, learners can connect with classmates, follow courses across different platforms and keep all your learning activity - courses, notes and connections - in one place. We are currently working on some new features and the launch of our app on Android. We'd love to hear feedback and talk with you guys about what you think of the app. Always happy to chat! Reach out to us on Twitter :)
Apurv AgrawalFounder, SquadRun
Solid team behind this product. All the best to them.
Eric Willis
Working on something new
It's a community for MOOCs.
Brian Clark
Co Founder, HDP Health
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