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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 24, 2016
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We created Enginered because we think that the web is full of best practises and libraries but we also need to know how implement it in the real world. So, read about other developer's experiences that working on real things helps to grow and, of course, helps to solve problems. So we decided to learn from the best!
A great resource for every developer ..thx Davide!
This is a well designed site 😎
Hi @davidecalignano, quick question - how do you curate the content for this website? Is it just an automatic feed or are there any algorithms behind the scene for classifying and ranking the content?
Hi @gurdotan, we retrieve the content by feeds and display it as it is in homepage, then you can sort it by most shared in the day/week/month, and yes we have an algorithm for that. We are also planning to add tags, so that you can navigate for a specific topic.
Great resource! Any plans to add an rss feed?
@iwozzy why not!, thanks for the hint.