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Engineering Blogs is a collection of engineering blogs from top tech companies in the world.

Learn how to build great engineering infrastructure to empower the products used by millions of people every day.

  • Floran Pagliai
    Floran PagliaiLead Developer at Weglot

    Nice collection



    I will explore it to discover tech blogs form top compagnies.

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  • Pros: 

    Staying updated with the latest news and technology


    More debate on the best products in the market

    It would be good to see recommendations of the best products to use. Independent tests and reviews would be great.

    Zara Crowther has used this product for one day.
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keyulMaker@keyul · Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
This was the fastest product I have ever shipped. It was built and ship in 2 days. 🚀🚀 On Monday, I showed article "Reducing Slack’s memory footprint" in my twitter feed. (tweeted by @mathowie) It was written by Slack Engineering team to explain how they solved the problem of high memory consumption of Slack’s desktop app. It had a great explanation about how to approach the problem, think about the better solution and build the desktop application. I explored the Slack Engineering blog and it has lots of wisdom shared by the engineering team at Slack. As a software engineer, I am always curious 💭to learn about development strategies behind the great tech products. On Tuesday, I started to look for more engineering blogs from different startups and tech companies. In few hours, I found out that many of tech companies have a special section or blog related to engineering and development. On these blogs, they publish lots of new things including their approach to solve the problem, their experience with different tools and technologies, story about their engineers and more. 👨‍💻 Finally, I decided to build a place where anyone can find all the engineering blogs. 📚 I started working on the idea on Tuesday. By the end of Wednesday, I have built the first prototype. On Thursday, I added new features including 'submit new company blog' and 'the total users' each of these tech company manages to give more sense about how to build and scale infrastructure that handles the traffic of millions of people (Some are in billions.) I posted on few communities and the response was amazing. Thank you @JonathanZWhite for review it. A few hours ago, PH has also tweeted a funny thing on complex engineering infrastructure. Let me know your feedback or suggestions to make it better.
Panayiotis Pieri
Panayiotis Pieri@panispieri · Founder of RiseTech Media
@mathowie @jonathanzwhite @keyul great list. Many thanks. I am a tech blogger and this will help me a lot. Is there a way to download the list in a csv or excel format? Also it will be great if you can create an RSS feed of all the articles posted in these blogs...
keyulMaker@keyul · Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
@panispieri thank you for suggestion. Combine rss feed of all these blogs will be the next feature I have thought of. It would be great to read new updated from all of them at one place. Would share your blog link here?
Joshua Dance
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
@keyul what did you make it in?
keyulMaker@keyul · Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
@joshdance using java spring framework & material css framework.
Ruben Muradyan
Ruben Muradyan@ruben_muradyan
@keyul nice one) I have similar one with couple more features, created 4 months ago on Umbraco. . It's finished project but I don't have much time to populate with new blogs.
Max Snitser
Max Snitser@maxsnitser · UX Designer, ⛵️Maker of Nightfall
Awesome idea! 👍 I noticed that logos are stretched, and it might ruin the first impression and trust to this resource.
keyulMaker@keyul · Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
@maxsnitser Thanks for informing. What's your monitor screen size?
Nikita@tanknikita93 · Bot Developer|Software Developer
Nice product as specially for tech blogger.😎 Neatly developed in a few HOURS... Congratulations and GOOD LUCK 🙌
keyulMaker@keyul · Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
@tanknikita93 thank you 🙌🏻
Great collection of blogs. I think it is a must read for all the engineers and data scientists. I particularly liked the Airbnb one.
keyulMaker@keyul · Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
@skipiit glad to know it is useful to you.
That's a great idea, I usually love this blogs and often read them, but always as I stumble upon them (I don't rss them or anything). It's a bit unclear what am I subscribing to here - are you going to send a curated list of the best articles? Is it -all- articles written? How often do I get an email? Every time an article is written? I think doing some curation might be good (only share the best, or most popular posts) but might be tricky to do I guess, since most posts of those companies will be high quality. something to get inspiration maybe: which offers a mix of curation of high quality, but also just high volume, less curated, for people who want to read more.
keyulMaker@keyul · Maker of Quick Code & Bot Stash
@jauny I like your idea to put best of articles link with into the newsletter. The initial plan of the email list is to send updates about new engineering blogs added on Engineering Blog. As you said providing high-quality posts will also help the subscribers.