Engine eCommerce Voice Analytics Skill

Your store's performance read out loud by Alexa

The Engine eCommerce voice analytics tool is an Alexa Skill for store owners that want their daily store performance delivered as part of their routine. Simply enable the skill and then ask Alexa for your daily snapshot!

Use this information for your daily benchmarks and high level talks about your store. Lots more features are coming soon!


  • Daniel SchroederCOO, ListingVillage.com

    lets me check how my sales and engagements are trending more easily than asking an assistant for a report. Alexa always knows


    Need it tied to easily accessed report showing trend over time. Probably already exists, but haven't gotten to play with it enough.

    The team at Engine are some of the smartest ecomm folks around. their availability and responsiveness to my questions is a huge reason why I seek them out and work with them. Got to work with a demo earlier this week. Mind blown.

    Daniel Schroeder has used this product for one week.
  • Zarar AmeenCEO, CANZ Marketing

    Makes life easier.



    Engine's team is amazing. I spoke with John and he has a lot of knowledge in ecommerce and goes out of his way to help people. John and the team at engine are truly experts at what they do. I highly recommend anyone in the ecommerce industry to check these guys out and use thier products/services. Truly professionals n this industry!

    Zarar Ameen has used this product for one day.


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Blake PuryearMakerPro@b_puryear · Product Lead, Engine eCommerce
Hey Product Hunt! I’m Blake, Product Lead here at Engine eCommerce. I am pumped to show off our Alexa skill that gives store owners (anyone selling online and using Google Analytics) a daily briefing of their store’s performance. Just ask Alexa for “your daily snapshot” while you’re brewing your coffee or brushing your teeth and then head into work wiser about your store’s performance. This is just a taste of what we’re building here at Engine. Our eCommerce platform will be launching later this spring and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. I’d love to hear where you see voice taking ecommerce and maybe even what you’re looking for in an eCommerce platform. I’ll be around answering questions today, or you can reach me on Twitter at @B_Puryear or over on the official Engine channel at @enginecommerce 💯 --Blake
Eighty9 💻@iice89 · Web Developer
does this work for UK? cant get the skill? when searching
John Max BollingMaker@johnbolling · Engine, Marketer
@iice89 Hey there, thank you for trying us out. I'm looking into this now and will let you know asap.
John Max BollingMaker@johnbolling · Engine, Marketer
@iice89 It should be pulling up, I just facetimed a mate in Southampton and he could pull up. Sorry we can't be of more help here.
John Max BollingMaker@johnbolling · Engine, Marketer
@iice89 have you tried going through amazon.com and not amazon.co.uk?
Blake PuryearMakerPro@b_puryear · Product Lead, Engine eCommerce
@iice89 I just wanted to hop in here and mention that this may not work for all Alexa users in the UK at the moment. We will be pushing out support for "English-UK" users this week and that will work across the board. Thank you!