Engati is one of the best free chatbot platform to build bots in minutes without programming. Build once and publish across 8 major platforms - FB messenger, kik, telegram, line, viber, skype, slack and website. Supports intelligent paths, train, copy, analytics and private labeling. Leverage the power of NLP/NLU to design your chatbot.

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Thanks @robjama for the hunt :) Hi Product Hunters, glad to showcase our platform Engati before the community. We are building Engati to become an all-in-one platform for bots which covers all aspects of creating, deploying, maintaining bots (including soon to be launched unique bot testing module). We have a robust FAQ engine which provides relevant response to user's queries backed by our proprietary NLP algorithms. Our focus is solving actual functional use-cases via chatbots and help businesses to deploy these solutions with the least effort and investment. Also, on top of that help them to monitor the effectiveness of the bots they build with relevant and realtime metrics. Customer service and support is a major area we are focusing to provide easy plug-and-play functionality around this. We are available on eight major messaging platforms such as FB Messenger, Telegram, Kik, Skype, Viber and Slack. Please try it out and looking forward to your valuable feedback. Stay tuned for more updates from us! Thanks!
@kinshukkar who are your most relevant competitors?
@chrismessina Manychat, FlowXo, Gupshup, Chatfuel definitely and others..
@robjama @kinshukkar Hi Kinshuk does Engati allow for Human takeover?
@robjama @tiwari_tweets Yeah we have functionality which would allow the admin to take over an on going conversation seamlessly from the platform.

very fast grower and good interface - flexbility of setup and workflow, multi bots and analytics has improved a lot...very good viable choice to other bot platforms


ease of setup and instant publishing across 7 platforms - cheaper too and looks more robust


more languages supported...

Engati's (www.engati.com) bot platform now has a radical new look with all the features you wanted and a lot more - and best of all, it's free for life up to 1000 interactions - more than other bot platforms out there, with a full set of functionality (no fine print, no teasers) Its integrated machine learning model makes it a leading bot platform that lets you build, manage, integrate, train, analyze and publish your bot with proprietary technologies and integrations to popular platforms all in less than 10 minutes. No programming experience needed! - the earlier you start, the more intelligent your bot gets! See the automated interaction platform of the future - build your bot and publish across seven messenger and chat platforms instantaneously, with an added bonus - your free web site plugin - no manual interventions needed What are you waiting for? It's free and its the future, and it takes less time to setup and go than finishing a cup of coffee. __ New features released * Conversational workflow - Engati now supports automated workflows that bring chatbots to life in conversations. * Multiple bots - host multiple bots for different teams or departments from the same account * Live chat and customer support - prioritization of requests to take various actions www.engati.com
Is it multi linguistic?
@j00st Hi Joost, currently we have support for 2 languages. Support for Mandarin, German, French and Spanish is being added in. Thanks for checking in.
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Chatbots are exciting and use the power of machine learning. Here is a small video which will help you understand how and where chatbots can be used. From product recommendations, service booking, inquiries, eCommerce, life and health advice, investing, entertainment to even just talking to. Don't wait. Build one for your brand or yourself now using Engati's chatbot platform, its free to start and you can have your own bot in less than 10 mins, it requires no programming. and can represent you/your brand intelligently 24 hours a day - www.engati.com Video link: https://youtu.be/7sACiBdCHec