A better way to notify users on web apps.

How do you notify your users about things require their attention and ensure that it gets read?

Engagespot is the easiest way to notify your users via

* In-Site realtime notifications - If they're online

* Native push - If they're away

* Notification Centre - If they missed both of the above, they'll see your notifications inside the web app.

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I’m Anandu from Engagespot. Thanks Kevin for hunting us. 🚀🚀🚀 Engagespot is a simple tool that helps you to add a bell icon & realtime notification centre to your Web Apps & PWAs. I hope all of you are familiar with the bell icon. It’s on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn even on Product Hunt. Notification bell icon is a highly engaging component of any web app. Because it helps your users to read and keep track of all messages/alerts related to your product inside the product itself. The one component that capture your user’s attention more than anything is a bell icon, with unread count badge! 😀 With Engagespot, You can - Send realtime automated messages to users - They will receive the message instantly on the notification centre if they are on your website. - They will receive the message as native browser push notification if they are away from your website. Some Use Cases - - For SaaS, notification centre is the best place to list all important alerts and messages that requires your user’s immediate attention. - It can also be used to send personalised onboarding messages. - It can be used to send promotional notifications too. For ProductHunt users, we’d like to give 30% discount. 😻😻 Use coupon code - PRODUCTHUNT We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback :)
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Very cool tool! I had the chance to use it for a month and is very useful.


UX, fast and easy!



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What a great idea! Good luck guys :)
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@tomer_aharon Thanks Tomer. Looking forward to trying out engagespot.co on your website. Stay tuned, exciting features are on the way.
Guys How is this different from Beamer?
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@salman57sk1 Beamer is mainly focussed on product changelog. But Engagespot is a customer communication tool to send all kind of alerts and messages related to their account. For example, if you have a support desk product, you could use our notification centre to alert your customers whenever they get a new support ticket, or when someone reply to an existing ticket, etc. Engagespot delivers these alerts as native browser push notifications if your user is away from the dashboard. If he is online on the web app, he will get it instantly on his dashboard. So, simply, Engagespot is the best tool to inform your users about things that requires their attention :)
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@anandrmedia okey that's pretty neat Guys! All the Best with Engagespot
I was awestruck by the simplicity of this Product. Just in few minutes I could set up the notifications in my website...!! Kudos to all behind such an useful and beautiful product. Way to go guys !!
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