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Using sensors have helped me run better and keep track for motivation. With a full fledge sensing system across the body, I can imagine how people can improve their workouts. Is there an on-off switch or it's automatically on for 2 weeks
@haseeb Thanks Haseeb! Yes, we have used many of the other products out in the marketplace that consist of one or two sensors. They do provide some value, and we wanted to create a whole lot more! Hence the ten sensors for full-body tracking in Enflux. The central module on your chest serves as an "on/off switch." You just push it and hold down for two seconds to turn it on, and same to turn it off at the end of the workouts.
@mickey_ferri So the two weeks time is the duration used ?
@haseeb It's 14 hours of continuous use, so we quote 2 weeks, meaning 1 hour workouts every day for 14 days.
Really great product! I'm just curious.. Since the garment/device is machine wash safe.. Is swimming coaching on the roadmap for you guys? Have you tested how the material would fair in chlorinated water? I think swimming is an activity that truly requires feedback on form and activity monitoring. I hope this was beneficial for you to read. :) Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
Thanks for the interest @jay_bee12345! Swimming is definitely on the roadmap for us. Right now, in order to get to market, we're staying focused on weight lifting and running. After we deliver that and have happy customers, swimming along with quite few other applications should be within reach of this technology.
How are you better than Chamath's portfolio company Live Athos?
@coolbearcjs, Great question! Our technology focuses on form over muscle activity, and we have a very competitive price point at about half of what Athos costs.
@ninerdelta okay that makes sense. Thanks.
Pretty cool idea! Just wondering, do these sensors track only movement or does it track other stuff too like Muscle density, etc?
Hi @nikhilsv92! The technology is essentially 10 intertial measurement units integrated into athletic compression clothing. This, along with the software on the phone, allows us to get form information but doesn't give us a way to get muscle density or activity. Our philosophy is that for the majority of gym goers, form is the more useful piece of the puzzle towards getting the most out of a workout.
This looks amazing. If founders can tell me (privately) this is a marketing campaign, and the product is basically done, I would buy. otherwise, if it's a funding campaign, I don't trust kickstarter projects just yet. rather have the finished product.
Hi @danr_4 thanks for your interest, and I can definitely understand your concern. We would be happy to do a Skype call or hangouts to show you a live demo of what we have working now, and where we're going from here. Plus during this call, you'll be able meet the team, and chat with the technical members. Just message me with contact info and we'll set something up.
@ninerdelta Cool. there's a lot to talk about. send me a message on skype: danrosenshain
@danr_4 I've seen this live - it works! It's really accurate :) crazy how good this works without using cams to do real time motion tracking...
@danr_4 Great! I will try and get in contact tomorrow if possible.