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Hi everyone! I'm Timothée, one of the cofounders of Energysquare! It's a new generation of wireless chargers that will allow you to charge multiple devices at the same speed as classic chargers, just by placing it on an ultra-thin pad. No induction, no electromagnetic waves, we are using our own patented conductive charging technology! I'll be happy to answer to your questions!
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If it works: 😮
This just has to be built-in in all smartphones.
@igorpavlov Why Apple is holding out on wireless charging is beyond me...
@brandonb927 I guess there must be a reason for this. I have questions about other electronics interference, overheating, waterproofing, electricity isolation etc. However, if this product really works and shows no problems - then I have no clue either. And then these guys are lucky to hold that patent! :)
I swore I was never gonna back Kickstarters again. But u guys deserve it!
@sandrojazzar awesome! Thanks you so much :)
@sandrojazzar We're also live on @ProductHunt so go crazy people! Retweet the♥ https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Love that idea! How does it impact the charge speed? And does it include a way to preserve battery life by disconnecting when it's fully charged?
@nathanaelkhodl it's the same charge speed as classic chargers and we monitor the charge so it stops charging whent it's fully charged
@timothee Nice! Really want to back it, but 35€ to ship to Switzerland seems excessive... Is there a reason for that price, or is it just because it's not in EU?
@nathanaelkhodl Yes we put 15€ for UE and we forgot to put Switzerland in it.. What we can do to solve it: back the project with no rewards and Early Bird price + 15€ delivery, write us a message on Kickstarter and we'll take note of it in our customer file to send you a pad in Switzerland :)
@timothee Great, thanks!