Work for companies that offer amazing perks and culture

Endyloop lets you find jobs at top companies that offer amazing perks and an amazing culture.

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👋 Hey Everyone (Maker here), Finding great companies to work for is hard. Finding top companies that offer amazing perks and share your culture is even harder. That's why I created Endyloop. Let's say you want to work for a company that offers unlimited time-off and that encourages continuous learning, search by "unlimited time-off" and "Learning & Development". Endyloop will show a list of companies along with their perks/culture and jobs. Clicking on a company brings the profile page where you find more details about the company, detailed perks/culture and current job openings. I spent a couple of weeks building it and I can say now that getting the companies data and making sense of it was by far the most time-consuming task. How I came up with the name? Before Endyloop, looking for a job felt for me like an endless task. I kept running in loops and I didn’t like it. I built Endyloop to end that. My hope for is that it will be the “End” to that tiring, messy “loop”, and I added a Y to make it sound better. ;) Would love to hear your feedback, thanks! 🤛