A small app that boosts your Mac's battery by 20%

#2 Product of the WeekNovember 18, 2015
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FYI: 7-day free trial. $12.99 after that
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@joshuakeay: I thought the 'two weeks before registering' vs. '7 days remaining on your trial period' was a bit confusing. Bug?
@joostschuur @esbvn That sure is confusing! Building apps is a little like watching evolution happening, sometimes you wind up with a mysterious appendix… stay tuned for a tweak.
@joshuakeay @esbvn Fixed! That's one of the best parts of not being in the AppStore — we can patch up little bugs on the fly like that!
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Hey Eric! Thanks for hunting Endurance! It's a brand new product for your Mac that does exactly what it promises — makes your battery run longer over the course of the day. In our tests we're able to get between 15% to 25% more uptime, a really nice improvement. Why'd we build it? Our Macbooks performance is great, even the ones that are a few years old. But the batteries all start to fade after so many charge cycles. It's particularly frustrating when you're working from coffee shops with no outlets or on long flights. Endurance runs in the background on your Mac, sitting nicely in the menu bar. When your battery hits 50%, it asks you if you want to enter Low Power Mode. Endurance makes your battery last longer by combining a lot of different modules together. We can slow down your CPU, notify you when there are processes like Flash and Chrome which are gobbling up cycles, hide background applications (causing AppNap to de-prioritize those processes), and automatically dim the screen over time. If you don't like any particular module, you can turn that one off. Happy to answer any questions!
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@joshuakeay let me try this! :)
Endurance is an app that helps your Mac run longer. It runs in the background and when your battery level drops to a certain level, it automatically starts adjusting your settings and turning off features which use a lot of energy.
@erictwillis love to hear the maker's story of this. What are they tracking? ;) @davidkeay @joshuakeay whatup bro's?
@milann @erictwillis Good work, detecting that the app was made by brothers! We're also part of the team behind PhoneExpander https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
@joshuakeay @erictwillis Hey you might want to not share your opening AND trial screen at the same time. As it was behind the other, so I was clicking on 'ready to save power' for like at least 21 seconds, force quit did not work ;)
@milann Also fixed that first run screen, much better now
People that are using it... Is it worth it?
These Keays do some awesome work. This one is a particularly easy sell, who doesn't want more battery life?