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This is cool, and I've been thinking about hacking up a similar service. Instead I'll rather provide some feedback: Steps 2 and 3 in your 'how it works' are nice and simple. Step 1 is going to be the biggest blocker for sign ups. 'Send a link to your staff and fans' sounds nice but in reality there's no incentive for staff or fans to actually do anything about the link they've been provided. Your service should allow your customers to create a (or fill out a well-designed) page that serves as a template for pitching the people they're sending the link to. This squeeze page should allow your users to communicate why they're looking for amplifiers. It should have goals (like: we're trying to get an additional 100 beta users, please help us spread the word) otherwise people have no urgency or desire to open that endorser link. The squeeze page needs to communicate trust: (we'll tweet X at Y time, and that's it, we'll never tweet anything other than so and so explicitly mentioned scheduled tweets). The squeeze page needs to make your customers look legit, trustworthy, and worth helping. Also, your help page is in Italian only.
@cynicalgrinch Thanks for the feedback! About step 1: yes, it's the hardest to improve. Anyways when using Endorser to send those links, we suggest you some lines to help your messagge go through. The service allows to brand your landing page from the link with your logo and an introduction! Check in your settings. You are free to tell your Endorsers why they are asked to help. We are designing the possibility to program the posts and then add Endorsers to see what will be posted on their profiles but is not done yet. It is always possible to improve and we surely look forward to try it, but for now we valued that features as quiet too advanced. We are updating all the help pages, sorry for that. Ask us anything by livechat, we are ready to help you :D I really appreciate your feedbacks, thanks a lot.
Hi Product Hunters! Thanks for being here! Endorser is the evolution of the platform that we have been running for the past 3 years. It allows you to post on the Facebook and Twitter profiles of your team (e.g. your coworkers), you just have to send them a link to get authorized. You can schedule posts, create lists of profiles and see the analytics and interactions of every post. Endorser works with Facebook profiles, pages, groups and Twitter. People use Endorser to promote events, handle brands based on people, run network marketing or PR, show what working for their company looks like and more. We provide live customer service on Endorser but ask us anything here too!
@ale_pizzini This is actually really neat!
Ok very cool. I see where you're going with this. There are some people on my facebook feed who promote events / nights out on behalf of their companies and others who do it for friends so it makes sense to make that process easier. It would be cool to see other example uses then I can picture it in my mind :)
@kullar Hi! Most of our customers are about events or night out so you got the point :) Other examples are PR and network marketing, communities of any kind, we've got a few from e-commerce, we hope to get into politics and more. I hope i gave you a wider picture, let me know and thanks for the question.
Reach the followers your staff and fans have on social networks.
Hi @ale_pizzini, cool product! What's the main benefit of using Endorser vs just a business page? And won't the "endorsers" end up with a profile full of your ads? Keep up the good work! Great progress since the last time you showed me the old platform!
Hey @joedeliame! Thank you for trying out Endorser. The main benefits of using Endorser are that: 1) By posting on the social profiles of your staff and fans, you’ll be able to reach all their friends and followers. 2) Post published on personal profiles are seen up to 5 times more than ones published on business profiles. So at the end of the day if you have a page with 10.000 likes and 30 Endorser you will probably get more visibility from the second one (because usually they have an average of 350 friends/followers, so the sum is 10.500, but posts published on their profiles will have more reach than the one published on the pages). Consider that there is a new feature that allows you to automatically delete posts published on their profiles so those will remain quite clean from your posts.
@ale_pizzini neat! Thanks for the info