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Mason Wear
Mason WearMaker@masondwear · Co-Founder // Primer Co
Hey Guys, One of the founders of Endie here. We've been hard at work creating something new and unique that we think you're really going to dig. We've been doing this whole apparel company thing for almost 4 years now, and have met some AMAZING people doing amazing things with their own unique brands. It seems though, that some of them can never get in front of the right people to shed some spotlight on their wonderful creations. That's where this new project comes in, Endie is a free weekly e-mail digest that will bring the best of the best hand-picked indie apparel brands straight to your inbox. Each brand we showcase will also include an Endie exclusive discount code so you can show your support without breaking the bank. We're really excited about Endie and think it can be a great tool to help up and coming apparel brands spread their passion, while simultaneously providing you with the best indie apparel that you may have never heard of at a discount. I'd really like to hear your input on the idea since you guys obviously live and breathe new products, and discovery.
Paul Jarvis
Paul JarvisHunter@pjrvs · Author of Company of One
@masonhyperion what a great idea!
Brian Lovin
Brian Lovin@brian_lovin · Product Designer, Facebook
I'm really excited about Endie - I love what Mason and his team have been working on. They're really deep into the indie clothing scene, and I can't wait to see what brands and styles they can surface for me. Congrats on the launch! As a side note: there's a really clear trend here of products being as simple as a tastefully-curated, consistently-timed email newsletter. I'll be curious to see how this trend progresses, especially here on PH :D