The best VPN to keep you safe and secure

Encrypt.me will ensure that you are protected from browser leaking, Wi-Fi eavesdropping, broadband spying. Automatically secure on unknown network. 14 days free trial. Plans option: single, team, family, passes (week/month/year) and mini plan.

Been my VPN of choice since it was 'Cloak'. I like how easy it is to add familiar wifi networks and then have my devices auto- secure whenever they connect to that Wi-Fi -really handy for me on my train commute. Subscription extending to all my ios devices is also excellent value ;)
@jacarandachick Oh I didn't know this was a rebrand! I thought this was a new VPN service :)
What sets this apart from other VPN services?
It's been EncryptMe for at least a year I think! 😬
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