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Alex G
Founder, Encore App
Hello friends, I am the creator of Encore Music. It’s an iOS app made by musicians for musicians that helps us connect with one another and get discovered. Here you can chat with other musicians, share your music recordings, and even form bands! Made by musicians for musicians this unique app is a great “friend” for beginners, pros and everyone in between. I tried using other websites/apps but none of them seemed to be that good. So eventually I decided to empty all of my account savings and build my own app and after months of hard work it is finally done. Feedback have been phenomenal so far and users are in love with my creation! Now I am looking for more musicians to join. If you play a musical instrument then this app is for you! I'm always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to comment here or pm me. Thanks, Alex
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Ildi XhaholliCreative Artist/Entrepreneur
@alexwinkyface very interesting app! I've been tinkering with similar ideas of music platforms that empower indie artists. Im curious to know why you chose to go the musician + musician route instead of focusing on everyday people discovering and following the journey of local & global artists. I've found that many people, myself included, wish that Soundcloud was more like Encore Music. A platform where you can be part of an artists growth from 50 fans to 50,000. I look at "collaborations between musicians" as fencing off and limiting your community. On Instagram anyone can post photos and they naturally connect with friends, fans, professionals, brands (everyone on earth basically). To me Encore Music seems like if Instagram was to limit their app to only photographers looking to meet models or other photographers.