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We've had quite a few Product Hunt for X posts:
@AsadDhamani Yup, we really like the PH model and felt discovery was a problem for electronic dance music in particular. A strong community, like that of PH, is something we're trying to strive for as well!
nice. now that is one I can get into :)
@ChuckReynolds Thanks, let us know if there's anything we can do better :)
@kokev What are your short term goals for the site and do you have more functionality on the horizon? Btw. On twitter, some bugs were pointed out to me. One was: "right clicking song title from main page to open in new tab = about:blank."
@erictwillis Thanks for catching, just fixed that :). Among our short-term goals are definitely improving the overall user experience on the site, and addressing issues like the one you mentioned. We built this in a little over two weeks so some things have definitely slipped past us! More importantly, one of our main targets is to consistently deliver fresh music, so we become a reliable source for new hits. As of now, it seems people are still happy hearing songs from a month or two back that they haven't heard before, so we'll be playing with what works best for the community.
Encore Beat + Soundcloud or Spotify would be amazing. Some good remixes on here. Digging it. Not sure I understand the difference between an upvote and a favorite
@eric3000 Thanks for the feedback! Spotify integration seems widely requested so far. We're still playing around with some of the features surrounding upvoting/favoriting. The current iteration assumes you may want to upvote many tracks but favorite fewer - allowing you to listen to your favorites on your profile page. We're considering combining them into just upvotes, and will decide once we have more insights on what people are preferring. If you have any thoughts on this, I'm happy to hear them!
@kokev I expected my upvotes to be shown in my profile, as this is what I've been acclimated to thanks to Product Hunt. There is something to be said that with music and a playlist, I may want to be a bit more judicious and not include everything I like. Perhaps I want to support an artist, but don't want that song on my playlist. Following this logic, if "favorite" were framed as "add to playlist", I think there is a purpose for it. So I get where you're coming from. Not all your users will be used to Product Hunt and maybe if it can be framed how you can use favorites, this system will work well.
@eric3000 We thought your suggestion was really good! I just changed the wording to "Playlist" with accompanying +/- icons. Thanks Eric!
@kokev I love that I can now access "My Playlist". Works great, Kevin. Wish you the best and I will be visiting frequently. I don't know where to go to find new EDM - soundcloud is pretty impenetrable to me from a discovery standpoint. So this is a great resource.
@cadeuh Hello! We wanted to build something different than beatport, /r/*, and other sites. We have a specific focus on curation of new, quality songs, with zero real estate devoted to EDM news and chatter. We also make it easy to playlist your favorite songs and play them from a single page with just one click. Additionally, /r/startups existed prior to PH, yet here we are :)