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Encore is a marketplace for booking outstanding musicians, backed by the prestigious Entrepreneur First accelerator.

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James McAulay
James McAulayMaker@jamsusmaximus
Wow, we got hunted! I'm one of the founders of Encore, really happy to take any questions or feedback from the PH community. A bit of background... We launched back in October and now have over 1750 musicians in the UK as part of our network. We give every musician a beautiful profile showcasing everything they've done so far, and we're connecting the music world in a way that has never been done before. In a nutshell, we're building a rich graph of musical data that makes it ridiculously easy to find ridiculously talented musicians.
Andrew Ratomski
Andrew Ratomski@ahtomski · Marketing at GoSquared
Really exciting product and take on building a community, nice job! I'd love to know, what do musicians value most about the platform?
James McAulay
James McAulayMaker@jamsusmaximus
Cheers, @ahtomski! A lot of our musicians have been intending to build their own websites for a long time, but either haven't gotten round to it, or haven't figured out how to do it easily. Our portfolios do everything a personal website can do, with the added benefit of being plugged into the UK's biggest musicians' network, and this is something our members really love.