Mac app for Facebook chat, w/ notifications & file sharing

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OP here. I made this Mac app in Swift, with some JavaScript magic to enable notifications and image capture. Features: a Dock icon with red "new message" badge, popup notifications in the corner of your screen, and two keyboard shortcuts: Cmd+S to grab a screenshot, and Cmd+N to start a new message. Also, you can drag files and paste images into the chat. Would love any feedback! Here are a few promo codes for PH: (Edit: All taken!) To redeem, open Mac App Store, click "Featured" on top, then "Redeem" on the right.
@dv_says Many thanks for those who have checked out my app! A few more promo codes: (Edit: all taken!)
@dv_says awesome. Are the views native here or are you wrapping the weaves. Also can I get another promo code :)
@harisamin @dv_says This is a combination of web views and native code. Happy to share more codes, please send me a DM or e-mail!
Thanks Dennis. I have downloaded this app and am using it right now. How would you say this is different to Chat for Mac (http://www.producthunt.com/tech/...)? I'd also ask if there's a risk that Facebook blocks your access for this app to work?
@natekettles Thanks for trying out the app! Enchat fully supports desktop notifications and other features, such as dragging files or pasting images into the chat. The internals don't deviate from web standards, so it should keep working as Facebook adds/improves features on their end.
This looks really good Dennis :) Ive been using goofyapp (http://www.goofyapp.com/) for a while now and that does a pretty good job. I'd like to get my hands on enchat to test it out for sure. ! All the best.
@shivkanthb Many thanks for the comment! Please feel free to send me a message directly if you have any feedback/comments after using the app.
Wonder how this is different from Goofy App? https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
@kesslerio It looks like there's a good amount of demand for an app like this, and a number of developers took on the task of building a chat app. :) In case of Enchat, I built a custom notification framework that is more suitable for chat. Notification Center only shows one dialog at a time -- Enchat can show a few, to make it easier to follow a chat conversation. There's also support for dragging in files, pasting images, or grabbing screenshots. Please feel free to ping me anytime if you end up using the app and have additional feedback.
@dv_says @kesslerio There's indeed quite a few of them: http://www.producthunt.com/#!/s/... and I must say that this one being not free, Apple store asked me to set up my payment information and all that, which I don't want to do yet. So I won't be able to test it (and I might not be the only one in that case! It's not about the 99cts, it's about the overhead to get there).
A bit late to the party here, but Enchat has been significantly more battery-friendly for me than Goofy, Messenger for Desktop, and others.