One-click checkout for over 500,000 online stores

With Encarte you can skip five-page checkout forms, shop online without having to pull out your credit card, receive less marketing spam, and review/track your online purchases in one place. Currently available as a free Chrome Extension.

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Hi everyone, and thanks @katmanalac for bringing us to Product Hunt! I'm John, one of the co-founders of Encarte, and we're super excited to share what we're building with the community and get your thoughts! We built this free Chrome extension because we wanted to take all the reasons we shop on Amazon and bring the same experience to our favorite brands. No more checkout forms, inconsistent autofill, newsletter signups, or digging around for your credit card. You can also track all of your orders in one place instead of having to search through your inbox. Encarte takes less than a minute to set up and currently supports 500,000+ stores. Appreciate any and all feedback you all may have. Thanks!

Great product.


Makes checkout so simple!


Looking forward to more stores being added!

Nick SinghBuilding Something New
This is awesome! I recently checked out an order on the coca-cola store and the process was so so painful. Something like this could definitely have helped me. Great work!
Antonio DimasGrowth Hacker | E-commerce Entrepreneur
Awesome! Any way of integrating with Clickfunnels or Shopify as scripts and forms? 🙌🏼
@antonio_dmya As of right now, Encarte is a purely consumer facing product, but as we continue developing our product, we're constantly considering how to best partner with merchants and businesses!
What a wonderful product!!! 100% satisfaction for me