Micro-Video Chat for remote and distributed teams

EmuCast is a micro video meeting/chat tool designed for teams to easily connect and collaborate using our instant 'always-on' meeting rooms.
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Hey Folks -- I'm Sean from EmuCast. A video meeting/chat tool developed specifically for remote and distributed (+ work from home) teams. The team and I after many development months a finally launching on PH. At EmuCast we have a strong vision for what the 'future of work' could possibly look like, we're passionate about making remote work the primary choice for employment for companies all around the world. Having personally worked remote, we felt the current legacy video meeting tools we're not particular suited to remote and distributed work, so we set out to build a user experience that is better suited to the needs of non-colocated teams. EmuCast is 'micro' video meeting/chat tool that helps remote teams much more productive. We have developed an 'always-on' meeting rooms concept that has never existed before. Teams can instantly join a video meeting room with 1 click and have a quick video meeting or screenshare in parallel to actually performing work. It's so lite-weight that EmuCast sits on-top of your everyday apps so you can perform your daily tasks while your chatting with your team. I wanted to say thank you to this community for your feedback, it's great to be launching here.