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Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @chrismessina for helping us out! We started Empower with the vision of creating the most beautiful and powerful native money management experience. We live in a world where self-driving cars are a reality, but we still can’t properly manage our money from our phones…! We’re a small team of five and it’s early days so we’re very excited to hear your feedback today. Please ask away! Here’s a highlight of some Empower features at launch: - Track your spending habits down to a tee (we call it SpendLimit, clue’s in the name) - Powerful automatic expense categorization that remembers your selections and get's smarter every time any Empower user categorizes a vendor - Personalized notifications the cover everything from subscription tracking, to how to optimize idle cash - Set up AutoSave to an existing savings account (who wants to open up another savings account) - Overnight money transfers between accounts, for free. - Pay down your Credit Card in a few taps (coming very soon)
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@warrenhogarth @chrismessina Thanks for creating new products like this. I do have a bit of a problem with your legitimacy. I can not find any info on the site about who you are, where you are, why I should trust you with my info. Are you in Russia? US? Who founded this? Why should I trust you handling my info? There is nothing on the site at all. I had to come back here to product hunt to find any info on the founders to find any legitimacy at all. Any info you can give on the site would go a long way. I had to google Warren Hogarth to find out you do have legitimacy. Most people won't get this far. Again, love what you are doing, but the trust factor is very low right now.
@tofslie appreciate the feedback to consider putting our profiles on our website. If you need any more answers in the mean time we are based in San Francisco and are seed funded. You can find out more about the team here: https://www.linkedin.com/company...
Top five features of this millennial-focused money management app (designed by @brownthings of Darkroom, recognized by Apple as a top 10 app in 2015): • Feature #1: Track your spending vs target SpendLimit. A new concept designed to allow users to know where they stand financially at any point throughout the month, similar to how Apple Watch or FitBit help users track their steps daily. • Feature #2: AI-powered notifications alert users when there is a problem with their money (e.g., unexpected bill increase) or an opportunity to get ahead financially (e.g, excess cash that could be earning interest). • Feature #3: Proprietary automatic categorization of expenses that is best in class and remembers users’ selections so that they never have to categorize a vendor twice. • Feature #4: Intelligent AutoSave allows users to automatically save into their own existing high-interest savings account, while always maintaining a minimum balance. • Feature #5: Free next-day money transfer for our users between any of their bank accounts.
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@chrismessina @brownthings the notifications are pretty great. I have been impressed with the intelligent and non-spammy updates that are lacking in most other finance products
@warrenhogarth - great app! Is this available outside of the US as well?
Hi @peter_park, glad you have enjoyed the app! We currently only support US Banks. We would like to add support for more banks in more countries, but that is probably at least 6 months away.
@warrenhogarth Damn, I just want a nice app to track my spendings (don't even need bank support) in Europe.
@manuelauer I have heard good things about tink. Not sure where in Europe you are but perhaps check them out.
Congrats on the launch everyone! What other features do you have on the roadmap that you're thinking about exploring?
@charleyma As we mentioned, we are planning on building out some sophisticated credit card payment features, but that's about as much as we're going to give away for now 😜
Congratulations on shipping @warrenhogarth & team! 1Password integration in the sign up flow would be 💯
cheers @ricburton. We are working on it!