Employees Only

Video series with the people behind your favorite startups

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Hey everyone, I'm the creator of Employees Only & a huge startup content junkie. I religiously watch stuff like This Week in Startups & Product Hunt Live, but most existing content comes from and is geared towards founders & investors. This video series is an experiment in bringing to light the stories of early employees who are hands on in building the products, systems & teams behind the startups we celebrate. The stories of early employees are obviously valuable for people who work at startups, but equally valuable for individuals that are interested in the idea of doing so. It’s difficult to aspire to something that you don’t see examples of. Not everyone wants to, or should, be a founder. Now more than ever, it’s important to highlight & celebrate all the other ways people contribute to early-stage companies and still have tremendous impact. We’ve gathered some of the best builders, operators, and innovators from around the startup ecosystem to share their insights about how great companies are built, what it’s like to work at them, and how to best position yourself to join one too. Let us know your thoughts! Learn more here: https://medium.com/@ajr771/intro... Know someone we should interview? Please let us know - www.employeesonly.co
Megan Berry is a real Star. Great to see her perspective and experience shared here. Definitely sharing this! Amazing job Ajay!
@rolandobrown Completely agree! Thanks Rolando :)
@rolandobrown wow, thank you, very honored to be a part of it :)
Interesting - finally a video series for the ones behind the scenes making the machines work. Nice job.
@ajm5338 thanks! And great metaphor re: making the machines work...
When Ajay approached me about getting involved with Employees Only, I was really excited that we would be helping to shine a light on the important work done by so many people, who often don't get the opportunity to share their stories. For most people, getting involved in the startup ecosystem won't consist of being a founder or venture capitalist, so it's important that they are able to hear the stories that might be more applicable to the paths they will ultimately take. We are excited to bring more interviews to everyone in the future, and would love to hear what your feedback, so we can make the content even more helpful in the future.
Nice...get to see the ups and down of the non-founding employees
@anandp29 Precisely...although some of our interviewees are likely to be "founding employees" vs. founders/co-founders.