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OdedCEO of MDacne
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Sujan Patel
Co-Founder of Mailshake
What’s your business’s most expensive resource and biggest differentiator? Regardless of your industry or niche, it’s always, always your team. That’s why I’m so surprised by how little I see founders focus on improving their own management skills. Getting the most out of your team is arguably the most essential role any founder or business owner plays in their company’s success. Thankfully, employee management is a skill you can learn. And this guide to employee management was written to accomplish that. In this guide, you’ll learn how to: - Master verbal and non-verbal communication - Set expectations and manage change - Create and manage performance management systems - Handle disciplinary action - Create a learning culture - Keep employees motivated and engaged If you’re a startup founder or a business owner, this guide will set you down the path towards hiring a better team, keeping them longer, and getting the most out of them while they’re with you.
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Savvas Zortikis
Co-founder & CEO at Viral Loops
@sujanpatel Thanks for sharing this Sujan!
This is phenomenal, thanks for sharing, Sujan. Definitely hear you on how it often isn't a priority for founders and SMB owners to improve their employee management skills, even though it's their most important function.