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Emoticode makes it easy for bloggers and brands to include links in their Snapchat stories or Instagram comments that their fans can screenshot and save for later. http://digiday.com/platforms/pop...
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Theres no doubt there is a 'problem' with trying to visit a link from an instagram post or a snapchat - The current solution is screenshot, remember url and enter it. (or similar) This solution is screenshot, upload screenshot, click to visit site (think I got that right?) - I wonder if the experience is seen as a that much better to get people to actually use it? Also, Im curious how the tech works. The links look like 👻🚀7ey - couldnt people just fake these and also use them to spam comments on an Insta photo of a celeb or something? Obviously its the goal of the broadcaster to be the one to use the link.
@bentossell this solution is take screenshot, open app and tap link (screenshots are automatically uploaded) on the tech side every emoticode resolves to a url so a fake emoticode would not work
This is a great idea but only works for those who also have this app which makes it less beneficial. 🤓
I'm wondering if opening an emoticode could be quicker. A notification center widget that parses the last screenshot and shows link(s) found? If emoticodes were expanded to full URLs there, the user could potentially skip the spam. If images are processed on the server, then there is a privacy issue, but I guess images could be processed locally and only the URL could be resolved on the server. What is the fallback for those that don't understand the code / have the app? Google search for 👻🚀 doesn't return results, maybe this would be one of the channels?