First social network for sharing emotions

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Congrats to Joel, Alison and the rest of the Emotely team. I think this is a very cool concept. Twitter = Interest graph; Facebook = Friend graph; can Emotely be the emotional graph? Will be interesting to see them tackle a really interesting space with a super smart team.
Hello Product Hunters! (and thanks for the hunt @morganb) We’re thrilled to be launching Emotely, a new social network for sharing emotions. We’ve created Emotely as a fun creative way to express your emotions in an “emote”. While other social platforms do a great job of allowing you to express your thoughts with words or pictures, they either ignore emotion entirely or relegate it to a buried sub-feature. Words and pictures can quickly get lost in the noise (no one can really read 50k tweets or posts on a trending topic), but emotions can be aggregated and presented with beautiful infographics that we call Emotional Graphs. These are emotional times and we believe emotion is a first class citizen that deserves it's own platform. Some of the things you can do with Emotely: * Emote: Every emote requires an emotion; everything else is optional (words, images, etc). * Share: Emotes can be shared with your Emotely followers or your existing social accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. * Follow: Follow how your family, friends and others are feeling with a social feed of emotes. * Ping: With a few taps, you can check-in with any of your contacts to see how they’re feeling. * Discover: Emotional graphs can tell the story of how the world feels about any #topic in real-time. Our free iOS app launched today in the App Store. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
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@morganb @joel_milne like always. Cant try the app without given my phone number. why? why? why? Cant I just test an app and decide for myself if I want to guve u my number or not ?
@ekambos Hi Alain. I think you misunderstood the login/signup screen. Good feedback that that is confusing. Phone is just 1 of 4 options to authenticate. You can also authenticate with Facebook, Twitter or email. You do not have to give your phone number at all. The phone button is the biggest because in our target demographic, SMS is preferred over email or Facebook.
@ekambos you can definitely sign up using just your email. I just did.
@joel_milne went here:https://emotely.app.link and it asked me for a phon nr. Guess I need to go the store directly ?
@ekambos Oh, that is a convenience feature of Branch.io that if you go to our link from your desktop it will ask for your phone number to text you the link for the app. If you went to that link on an iOS device it would have taken you right to the app store.
I'm a maker as well - we've built this network to give people a dedicated space to share their emotions - with the goal of making the world a more empathetic place. So far feedback from our beta users has been very positive. We hope you enjoy emoting!
Loving Emotely! Not a minute of a day goes by where we aren't feeling an emotion. Other social networks have touched on emotion and feelings, but this is the first I've seen that jumps in the deep end with emotion as the centerpiece of the social experience. This is a great social experiment and I think the team is on to something.
great job to the Emotely team - congrats on launch