Emojiyo Keyboard

Super-powered Emoji keyboard for iOS8

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E.J.Maker@emablekos · Co-founder, Emojiyo
Hi, I'm E.J. one of the two devs that made Emojiyo. We might have started with what some may consider silly, but we took a serious approach to making the best keyboard we could. Lots of prototyping, user testing, and iteration went in to finding what could help people take advantage of the full set of Emoji. There are 850 Emoji (250 more coming soon) and they are all pretty amazing on iOS. However, we found most people were just sticking to the recents page due to the cumbersome nature of the default UI. We wanted to open things up. Also, I want to point out some sharing features on the keyboard. You can make a custom pack of Combos or Emoji and share it with friends via a link. For example I made this pack of Combos talking about the features of Emojiyo to help me with my tweets and shared it with my partner (@crash2burn): http://emojiyo.com/6k0g9eb2 Will be checking in all day, thanks for the hunt!
Sahadeva Hammari
Sahadeva Hammari@sahadeva · http://superchargernyc.com
Holy shit this is awesome.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Nice hunt. Here's a collection of iOS 8 Keyboards. Tangent: I'm looking forward to seeing more creative uses of the custom keyboard. They're basically apps that can more easily integrate into peoples' existing habits (e.g. text messaging) than a standalone app. If I were to brainstorming product ideas, I might ask, "What common behaviors or use exist when communicating with someone via text and can we make that better or more efficient with a custom keyboard?" cc @jw
Nate Westheimer
Nate WestheimerHunter@innonate
Been beta testing this for a few weeks and it just hit the App Store. Totally changes my emoji game 😜 Allow you to search, combine, and organize your emoji keyboard just the way you like to communicate. By the way, I should invite in to answer questions the guys who made this, @emablekos and @crash2burn
Malcolm Ong
Malcolm Ong@malcolmong · Product @ SCMP, Co-founder @ Skillshare
Love it.. especially the combos. Great job @emablekos and @crash2burn !