Practice language through playing with emoji

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Hey Product Hunt. We got weird about emoji (who didn't?!?) and we're trying to find cool ways to play with them as an effective tool for something useful. I was trying to get the team to work on a browser that only worked for emoji domain (yes, seriously) and at one point they just cracked and said: "This is fucking dumb Mack. If we're going to play with emoji, let's make it matter." And Emojistone was born. Happy to answer any questions, explain anything and of course LOVE to hear product feedback.
Been using Emojistone for a couple of weeks now. Genuinely feel like this is scratching a unique itch. It's not perfect, one thing that can be improved is the voices in the app. Keep up the good work Mack and Daniela 🙏 <-- what's this in Spanish?
@bennygiang even better than 🙏🏼 in Spanish is English?!? By name it's PRAY. We almost always use it as THANKS. But legit going to crack open the app to figure out the Spanish translation.
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