Emojise For MacOS

A simple yet powerful emoji manager for Mac

Emojise is an emoji manager for Mac.

Emojise lets you:

* enjoy bigger icons

* create and reuse emoji phrases

* apply skin tone globally so no need for setting same tone for each emoji

* search to easily find emojis

* use tightly integrated touch bar to select emojis

* add to / remove from Favorites, add keywords to emojis

* support for new emojis

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1 Review5.0/5
Works as advertised! Great app.
@tinystride Thank you. Great to hear that!
@zafer_arican Does it have support for Github/Slack style emoji shortcodes 🤔? (e.g. :thinking: )
@haywirez yes there is. Just start search with : and start typing. There may be a few keywords missing. I will fix them.
This is great app.
Emojise for iPadOS, iPad version of Emojise with drag-and-drop support is also available.