Emojise For MacOS

A simple yet powerful emoji manager for Mac

Emojise is an emoji manager for Mac.

Emojise lets you:

* enjoy bigger icons

* create and reuse emoji phrases

* apply skin tone globally so no need for setting same tone for each emoji

* search to easily find emojis

* use tightly integrated touch bar to select emojis

* add to / remove from Favorites, add keywords to emojis

* support for new emojis

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Lucas Hoeft@lucashoeft · Digital Product Designer
Not sure what the app do special, because you can just use the shortcut control+command+space to open the emoji window or just press the emoji icon on the touchbar 🤔
Zafer ArıcanMaker@zafer_arican · iOS / MacOS App Development Enthusiast
@lucashoeft Thank you for giving me an opportunity to list differences between Emojise and character viewer on Mac (control + command+space) together with emoji icon on touch bar. To list some: * Bigger Icons: Emoji icons on character viewer are sometimes difficult to recognize as they are small. In Emojise, icon size is particularly set bigger so that emojis are easier to recognize and they look visually more appealing. * Emoji Phrases: You can create and reuse emoji phrases with Emojise. Neither character viewer nor emoji icon has it. * Globally Applied Tones: Skin tone variations are applied globally. In character viewer and emoji icon, you have to set the tone for each emoji. If you want to use the same tone for all emojis, Emojise can save you time. * Emoji icon on touch bar does not appear for all text fields. Some apps do not support it. Emojise is available for all apps. * Character viewer disappears when the app using it loses focus. Emojise can stay as a window at all times if desired. * Custom keyword: you can assign custom keywords to emojis and emoji phrases. * Character viewer and emoji icon on touch bar are not integrated. Emojise has tightly integrated Emojise window and touch bar. * With Emojise, emojis/phrases are copied to the clipboard, meaning you can use them multiple times.
Neil Renicker@tinystride · designer
Works as advertised! Great app.
Zafer ArıcanMaker@zafer_arican · iOS / MacOS App Development Enthusiast
@tinystride Thank you. Great to hear that!