Search, copy and paste emoji

On a mac, you can just tap 'cmd' + 'ctrl' + 'space bar' - I found this out so late and it saved my life 🙌
@bentossell My thoughts exactly when I saw this.
@bentossell surprising how many people don't know this. Everyone I tell seems to be hearing about it for the first time!
@bentossell anyone know of there is something similar for Windows? This is perfect. I ran into this very problem yesterday on Facebook.
This as an Alfred extension would be awesome!
@jvdmeij Here you go. Been using this for the last month and it's awesome! https://github.com/carlosgaldino...
A colleague in my workplace asked me just yesterday if i could do a software that would allow Mac and PC users to enter emoji into text, while they post on Facebook, Twitter, websites and even while using note apps. I told him it would be a good idea for someone to solve the problem and here it is. cool one 👍