EmojiOne 3.0

Every emoji icon upgraded for 2017

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Nice! Any plans to include 2017 emojis? Like the official zombie emoji:
@eonpilot You better believe it... here's a preview: http://d.pr/i/dCK2F/5jQLzdj0 Our plan is to launch our version every Unicode 10 emoji the day it's officially released (June 2017). 🕺
Hi ProductHunters! This was be far our biggest undertaking to date. There was no emoji left untouched for this upgrade. Here's the why: * It was time to monetize (or die). New licensing structure. 💸 * Improve cross compatibility among top emoji sets. ✨ * Added new genders/occupations to keep Unicode current. 🎨 * I'm just never satisfied and get bored. 🙈 We had to say goodbye to the open and free Creative Commons license (from version 2). Free is fun af, but didn't pay the bills. Freemium was the next best option, and we'll continue to support good cause partnerships like Firefox. I hope you love the new designs. As you know, we'll never stop improving them! Look for our next update (version 3.1) coming in June, which will include 69 unique designs (plus genders/skin tones) for Unicode 10. I freaking love what we're doing, this truly is the most rewarding business to be part of. Much love to all those who have supported EmojiOne throughout the years. 💖
@rick_moby Sounds good man. Can't "noodle-strap" it forever.
@eonpilot I'd give u 10 upvotes for 'noodle-strap' if I could. 😂
@rick_moby PH humour. Credit shared with "co-inventor": @weiluenhuang and his "Noodle based" comment on Framer last night.
@rick_moby I want to put you in a virtual headlock for making me wait this long for an update 😡 I use EmojiOne all the frickin time. Doper than a mothersucka🚬🚬🚬🚬
@dredurr I deserve that headlock! We butchered this release projection, so embarrassing. Being a product developer, I'm much more forgiving now as a consumer. Thx for the support Deandre!
@rick_moby Awesome release! Now I am giving you a virtual high five 🖐
Well done! Looks like quite some work 👌
Love EmojiOne and what you've done with the project... thanks! Will be curious to see how the new "freemium" phase of its life works out.
@jonroig Same... I was a bit nervous when we launched. So far we've had really positive response. I'm very thankful for that!