Collect feedback and improve your business

Emojion is a simple and universally applicable feedback widget. With Emojion you can collect meaningful feedback fast and improve your business and services where your customers need it most.

Start with a simple question; Use the feedback to directly improve areas in your business that receive the most negative feedback.

Wow, @avrelius thanks for the hunt. That was quick! It kinda feel way to early, but as Reid Hoffman said: "If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.". In the past a lot of my side projects suffered from non-existing feedback. A simple "Send me feedback" link with an email address simply doesn't work in a time where everything has to happen almost instantaneous and nobody has time to wait anymore. That's how Emojion was born. The goal is simple: Make giving feedback fun and fast for the visitor. I'm very glad that so many people already signed up and I'm looking forward to all your question.