Emoji stickers for your laptop/desktop keyboard πŸ˜—

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Hi guys, I'm the creator of Emoji Keyboard Sticker ✌️ While reading this Unicode report http://www.unicode.org/reports/t... I realised once again how big emojis are and couldn't understand why there is still no comfortable way of typing emojis on our laptops or desktop computers, when on mobile it's so easy and quick. People love emojis and with this project I want to improve their ability to communicate by allowing them to type emojis quickly and easily on laptops/desktops. But in any case these stickers look really cool even if you're not using them for typing! πŸ™Š Would love to hear your feedback! πŸ’–
@hvost How did you print them and on what type of material are they printed? If I have damp hands will they get wrinkled or damaged? (hypothetical :)
@joshdance Hi Joshua, I'm producing the stickers in a local printing house. The white version of stickers is printed on high-quality paper with gloss laminate on it. The black version is printed on a white paper that coloured to black and emojis printed above of it. I don't think that you're gonna damage them while applying. If you mean in a long-term perspective, I have them on my keyboard for couple of month now and they still look perfect. The white version might be more protected since it has an additional layer on it though. Let me know if you have any additional questions ✌️😊
It looks like the emoji stickers cover up the entire key. Is this just from the photo? Or is that how it ends up looking? Really love the idea and I'm setting up shortcuts the way you recommend in the installation page
@gioismeyo The stickers are covering up the entire key indeed 😱 I did a prototype that didn't cover it but it was less appealing and less usable. In addition according to the research I did most of people who might be interested in this product are touch typers, so I decided that covering the letters is the right decision :)
@hvost I wonder how many services allow emoji in passwords?
@chrismessina Chris, I just checked if I can do this on Mac for my user and locked myself out of my laptop πŸ˜†πŸ˜± so apparently it's not a good idea. In a meanwhile I'm trying to hack my own account to my MacBook πŸ˜…
@hvost lol whoops, sorry! Appreciate your commitment to #science though!
Can anyone compare this one to the emojikeyboard dot club from @diskcactus? I just ordered theirs a week ago.
So this has stickers for individual keys, and the @diskcactus one is a silicone overlay that includes the letters. I could've looked a bit harder before commenting. πŸ˜•
@jkdncn I believe that diskcactus is awesome but 100% gimmick when EmojiKey is 50% gimmick and 50% functional. 1) EmojiKey is flexible and can be applied to any keyboard. 2) As long as I know Diskcactus has a dedicated keyboard layout for emojis, so you have to change your keyboard layout every time you need to type an emoji. EmojiKey allows to stay in a regular English or any other language keyboard layout and insert emojis only when you need them.