Emojify Bot

Emojify your text on Slack, Telegram and Twitter!

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Love it, @decktonic, although I wish it would hide my original text and speak in emoji on my behalf. Side note: we need to build this feature into Product Hunt. 😊
@rrhoover thanks, glad you're enjoying it. Side note: DM me on that one :)
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, I looked into your request some more and turns out that's impossible for Slack apps. If you create a custom command for your Slack room I think you can do that, but when distributing that command as an app, it's not possible. Oh well!
Hi! Just launched my first bot, available on Slack, Telegram & Twitter. It translates any text into emoji! Just visit the website and click the "Add to Slack" button to enable the /emojify command, or visit the Telegram / Twitter link to chat with the bot! You can also use the bot inline in any Telegram conversation to emojify your message. Questions? Suggestions? Let me know!
@decktonic Would love to see this as a command line app and a Alfred Workflow.
@ishu3101 Hi Ishan, that's a nice idea! I think at some point I will make those or open-source the core logic so someone else can.