Shorten and create single-emoji URLs πŸŽ‰

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Hi! I've built Emojify over the past few weekends as a personal project. I wanted to play around with Node.js and try myself at web design, but also to build something useful at the same time. I'd be happy to answer your questions :)
@tomaszstefaniak the emoji URLs don't seem to work? πŸ€”
@nagra__ you mean that you're not seeing them or seeing white squares? It uses some Emoji 4.0, not all devices support them yet, unfortunately :(
Very cool. Any chance of open sourcing ?
@shai_alon Out of curiosity, which part are you interested in? It's all rather simple, the backend is very similar to: https://coligo.io/create-url-sho..., front end is three static pages in React
@tomaszstefaniak I was interested in which hashing algo you used, so thanks for sharing the link (beyond that I don't really need the code). Cool project! Shai
It's super nice to see Emoji Domains being used in more projects. We were joking via Twitter that we should form an Emoji Domain trade association for anyone working on this stuff. And, of course, I love a silly weekend project. Nice job! Are these all FreeNom domains? How were they to work with?
@jonroig they froze my account until further notice πŸ˜…
@jonroig and yeah, for anyone working on emoji stuff, get in touch πŸ˜‰ gotta stick together
@tomaszstefaniak Sketchy! 😜
A lot of people have been messaging me asking how to register emoji domains, so I've written a guide how to do it for free: https://medium.com/@tomasz_ws/ge...
@tomaszstefaniak @tomasz_ws What's a good email to send you a question?
@blendahtom hey man! you can message me at tomasz.p.stefaniak at gmail.com