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It's a popup emoji bar on Android that makes emoji suggestions based on what you're typing. You can also tag words and link them to emojis.
I use Dango right now. Will give this a try and see if this is better.
Hi PH folks, I am the lead developer of Emojifi. Below are some of the key features of Emojifi: ⌨ Use your default keyboard - Emojifi provides emoji suggestions using your existing keyboard without the pain of switching to an emoji keyboard just to get the emoji suggestions 😎. As you type emojis will automatically pop up on a bar called Emoji bar for you to select. You don’t have to scroll through the several pages to find the right emoji to use. 🏷 Tag words to emoji & express more - Emojifi has a set of words tagged to each emoji. But what if you want to tag some other word/words to an emoji 🤔. All the emoji keyboards come with preloaded tags and you can't change them. You and your circle of friends might have a different slang and different meanings attached to emojis. Use Emojifi’s (💪 Patent pending 💪) tagging feature to tag any word to any emoji (We will be extending this to GIFS, Stickers and more). Your tagged emoji will now be suggested as you type the word. For example: 🙈 Tag this emoji for word ‘blushing’ apart from its regular use of ‘see no evil’ ⚽ In addition to the regular tag of ‘soccer’, you can also tag this emoji to ‘football’ or ‘FIFA’ or your favourite player 🍻 This emoji is tagged to word ‘beer’. Want to tag this emoji to the word ‘party’? Use emojifi. 🆗 or 👍 or 👌 can be tagged to the word 'kk' Your feedback is very important to us. We are a very small team and your suggestions will help us get better. Varun Team Emojifi (3⃣ folks interested in tech, gadgets & GOT)