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I apologize in advance for all my emoji hunts but I couldn't resist. I'm not sure how long the novelty will last but this looks like a fun toy at the very least. Downloading now. Also check out the to-be-released, Emojili
@rrhoover If you can't find out about everything emoji here, what is the world coming to?
@rrhoover LOL its all good, you're the unofficial spokesperson for the emoji movement. But you're right it looks pretty fun, going to play around with it on my lunch break.
This is fun! The emojis are pretty good visual quality. I think it would be even better if I could export my emojicate phrases to publish on Twitter or to send them via an iMessage. I'd like to use this kind of content in many contexts and not exclusively on Emojicate's app since I don't really have a network there (yet?). Could they be turned into images to share out?
@deekay Hey There, Im Emojicates founder, Nick Being able to share posts outside the network is defintely something we have thought about! We havent quite gotten around to it yet, but i would love to be able to export an emoji string as an image you could post to facebook or twitter. Thanks for the feedback & Happy emojicating! :)
@twiger Was playing around more today as other friends have been "@-replying/mentioning me on emojicate". Very fun to see this keep rolling among my network of people. One slight UX hangup I kept having was that I wanted to drag an emoji from the selection-map to the input-field so that I could place it before an already typed emoji instead of always appending to the end. I understand how I can tap it, place it at the end of the input-field, and then reorder it. But I just wanted to mention to you, because it kept tripping me up and I think it would be easier/faster/more fun to be able to drag and drop these into a place.
@deekay Thanks David! Great to hear about people using it :) We did actually have the drag and drop mechanism in one of our early prototypes, however we dropped it for the tap mechanism to avoid it interfering with scrolling on smaller screens. Some of our team were keen for us to keep working on it so i will definitely get them to look at brining it back into the app once we have a chance!