EmojiCalendar by Planable

The summer marketing calendar you need


We're releasing the Summer 18’ Calendar with key dates and emojis you should know.

This is for you, awesome marketer, if you:

🧐 want to be prepared

🤤 drool at beautiful but practical content

🙄 would rather hug a cactus than scrape for post ideas every day

So download this calendar and start sippin’ on those cocktails! 🍹

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Rahul Kapoor
Sebastian Maraloiu 🚀 ⚡
Papusharu P.
 +16 reviews
  • Xenia Muntean
    Xenia MunteanCEO @ Planable and Techstars alumna

    Beautiful design, lots of inspiration for your social media planning.


    Only for this summer

    You'll love it, we promise :)

    Xenia Muntean has used this product for one day.
  • Vlad Calus
    Vlad CalusCMO at Planable

    Beautiful 😍


    Summer only? :(

    I'm so gonna use it this summer

    Vlad Calus has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Cool. And simple.


    How does one remove it, you know, in case she did it on another's account.

    Keep it up, extort that designer more. 😈👌

    Vali Mocanu has used this product for one day.
  • Sean Michael Errey
    Sean Michael ErreyMarketing Director

    Love the integration with Google calendar


    I agree with Vlad, Can we have this for always (not just summer)?

    Straight up great idea!

    Sean Michael Errey has used this product for one day.