Tap into your feelings - using emoji

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This reminds me of Steven, which you could describe as an auto-journaling emoji app. cc @abdur, @tylr, @bcherry Also, if you want to speak in emoji, check out Emojimo Keyboard from yesterday. It's awesome. πŸ‘
This is actually quite clever.. mood analytics - emoji style
@acondurache thanks! We like the phrase mood analytics. We're working on features to help you spot patterns as you track your feelings over time. Stay tuned!
This is a great low-friction way to track emotions over time. Love the idea.
@khalidhalim thanks Khalid! We think there's huge benefit in checking in with yourself and looking back on it over time. We wanted to make that an easy and low-friction habit. We're big admirers of the Reboot mission!
I love how beautifully and attentively designed this product is, from the colors down to the icon's cute placement of the two dots on the traditional message bubble. Great work guys! πŸ‘
@derpianist16 Thanks Allan...we really appreciate the kind words :) We put a lot of care into the details...including the Emojiary icon! Shoutout to the All Tomorrows team - @tweetalbert, @mallorybox, @jrobertsdata...and everyone else who helped us bring Emojiary to life! πŸ™
A surprisingly fun journaling tool. Some of you certainly know how skeptical I can be about such things, but it's really worth a shot if you're into journaling, quantified self, etc. Furthermore, the folks behind it are honestly some of the most thoughtful people I know.
@kylebragger Thanks for the post Kyle! Lauren here from All Tomorrows (the product studio behind Emojiary :) We hope you guys enjoy our first app, Emojiary, which is a fun and simple way to record and remember your feelings using emoji. We’d love to hear any feedback and thoughts!