Emoji Type

Custom keyboard that auto suggests emojis as you type (iOS)

Love it !! My 12yo daughter plays only with emoji so be sure to have a good tester beside me !!
Nice one. This will be he only keyboard is will install!
@lesmond thanks Lee. ✈🚢🔍 ftw
I really like this. I usually don't keep extra keyboards because of the need to toggle back to the regular one, but I don't think I'll need to do that with emoji type because it's not really a replacement keyboard, it's a visual companion. Since I don't use the predictive type feature I'm not losing anything by having this on all the time.
@TomLimongello hey tom, hope you like it. I find it really interesting to hear about how people use their keyboards. (Quite a few seem to turn off auto-correct or predictive text). I used to be the same, but I've found that the native apple keyboards have gotten really good now.
This is awesome. I'm obsessed with using Emojis but I hate having to scroll through all the categories to find what I want. Yehhh!
It's like LINE's keyboard (it automatically suggests emojis as you type, no switch needed). If it comes on Android I'd like to try it out.