Emoji Recall

How many Emoji can you recall from memory? Let's find out.

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Got to Round 5 and need to STOP PLAYING!!
Hello! I hope you are enjoying Emoji Recall. The general idea is self-competition at the moment, but I am storing loads and loads of scores and the time it takes to recall things. I'd like to show how recall changes as number of Emoji goes up, too, so I should be able, eventually, to make some pretty graphs depicting this stuff :) let me know what you think!
@remmeltvantol Are you getting a DNS error by any chance? I've seen it a couple of times and one or two people have seen it too. I'll contact my VPS host. _Update_: I checked it out, looks like there was a little error in DNS config. Should sort itself out fairly quickly, try again in half an hour or so :) thanks for your patience!
@basicallydan Works now made it to round 6! :)
@remmeltvantol Congrats! Keep it up 🌟
It gets too difficult too soon. :) Wonder why would I come back?
@harshsnehanshu Because you wanna be the very best