Emoji One 2.0

The new 2016 open-source emoji set from Emoji One

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Rick Moby
Rick MobyMaker@rick_moby · EmojiOne Inc, Founder & Product Lead
You have to be a little crazy to chase a deadly tornado for enjoyment. Same applies to anyone who chooses to commit 6 months to design and re-design over 1600 color pixelated characters and symbols without a business plan in sight. With no specific product or OS as its own, Emoji One is our digital love story. With a happy ending, your apps and devices will welcome us into their home. Our graphics are open sourced and royalty-free for life. The art just hit the shelves today, and soon on your apps and devices tomorrow. ✨
Danny Lowney
Danny Lowney@dannylowney · Growth ⛏@ Sup
@rick_moby damn Rick - great job.
Mikael Forsgren
Mikael Forsgren@mikaelf · Legal @ Assently
Looking so good! Especially the document-related icons, paper, pen, scrolls! http://blog.emojipedia.org/emoji...
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
Can't wait until there is a chrome extension so I can finally get rid of those FUUUUUUUGLY Gmail blobs!
Jeremy Burge
Jeremy Burge@jeremyburge · Founder, Emojipedia
Looks great guys, a really solid set to round out 2015.