Emoji Keyboard Pro for iPhone

Everything your iOS emoji keyboard should be. 🔥

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Hello Hunters! In celebration of the official launch of the app, and in connection with #WorldEmojiDay; Emoji Keyboard Pro is available FREE from the app store TODAY ONLY (normally $1.99). 📱 Our Mission: To make inputting emoji on the iPhone suck a lot less. 🙏 We started this app in the Summer of 2016 and it’s been a long strenuous journey. Keyboard apps are as frustrating to build/debug as they are for users to install. Huge newfound respect to app developers in this space. This isn’t our first keyboard rodeo. Some of you may know of our Chrome/Opera Extension already. Combined we have over 400k active users. I think you’ll find all the experience and hard work we have in this space really paid off. I use this everyday as my default emoji keyboard (replacing Apple’s default) and haven’t looked back. I challenge everyone to do the same. I truly value and appreciate all constructive feedback, love and reviews. 💖 p.s. Look for version 1.2 release soon, with a few small fixes/improvements.
@rick_moby Thank you for zoom! I no longer have to squint, cross my fingers and hope I'm sending a dog vs a giraffe :)
@rgoodwin Sweet!! I'm glad that feature came in handy.
Downloaded it an will be sure to check it out!
Congrats @rick_moby! best emoji products in the business 😎
@swetzequity DUDE! Glad you found this. Thanks for the awesome comment.
Congrats! Great product and I missed the freebie yesterday. What a bummer! 🙁
I'm not usually a fan of third-party keyboards, but this one looks great! Sad I missed the promotion!