Emoji Clipboard

Click to copy the perfect emoji for any situation. πŸ™

Search for emojis from thousands of categories.
e.g. France, Harry Potter, Fruit, Mammals, Nostalgia
This idea was born out of frustration at endlessly scrolling through emojis looking for the right one
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This took me freakin' agesβ€”let me know what you think? πŸŽ‰
This was actually a massive pain point/time suck for me, thank you. I'll be signing up for the plugin.
@johnbbartlet This looks great. Are you rolling out an Android App soon? I wish you do. God speed.
@gaurav_shrishrimal Thanks, I've got vague plans for an iOS app, and then an android app, but it really depends on the popularity of the web tools. (and my willingness to learn how to make them!) thanks again!
yess, finally no need to use my iphone every time