Emoji Book

A collection of artist interpretations of Emoji

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Hi gang! 👋🏻 I’m Charlie, one of the creators of Emoji Book. Emoji Book started from a simple idea: Let’s get a bunch of amazing artists to each interpret a single emoji, and compile them into a beautiful book. We’re still in the pre-launch phase - preparing the Kickstarter campaign, designing the book and gathering the illustrations. We’re hoping to kick off the Kickstarter campaign in January 2017, but for now, head over to the site to check out all the incredible work! Thanks for hunting Emoji Book :)
@clarkcharlie03 no problem, it's really cool 😉
This is adorable. Adding to my Coffee Table books collection.
Love this! Smart idea. I use emojipedia to get my emojis online :)
That's just too bad didn't view this book earlier on??? am I late for this book???