the emoji autocomplete everywhere on the internet

The emoji autocomplete anywhere on the internet.
Just type :smile: or :shrug: and the text will magically convert into an emoji or take advantage of the suggestions box
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Great idea! I would like to see something like this for Firefox :D
@hexandcube Thanks. Regarding firefox, this is a solo project but, if there is more people requesting this I might do it ;)
I love emojis and I love the way Slack and Discord make them available on messages so, why can't we have that anywhere on the internet? Since it would be too hard to convince every single website to add emoji hotkeys I've built the next good thing, a chrome extension that enables that virtually on any text field. This project was made for fun and since today is the world emoji day, I've decided to released to the masses.
I would love Firefox support 😊
@wajahatkarim I'll look into that 😊
I have no idea why this doesn't exist already
@new_user_25abe5bd55 Well it was quite a challenge technically to achieve due to the amount of possibilities that a text field can have.
Such a better alternative to the MacOS emoji tray I manually use!