Find relevant emojis from text on the command-line

Emoj is a command-line app to help you find emojis related to some text. Imagine you want an emoji that describes how hungry you are. If you write "i am hungry", it will come back with: 🍴 πŸ” 😩 πŸ• 🍟 🍝 😫

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Ok this is epic @sindresorhus Install with *npm install --global emoj*
@mscccc @sindresorhus If I used a command line, I'd use this πŸ’―.
@jsneedles @mscccc @sindresorhus A command line is like a bot. Use words instead of buttons. If you are into it you will be much faster with anything :)
So awesome, you don't want to know how I was dealing with command line emojis before. Great work!
@ben_fichter Now I really want to know how you were πŸ˜€
@ben_fichter please tell us how you were dealing with emoji.. I'm curious too.
I took a look at the code and it's just a basic terminal interface for http://getdango.com/
Haha. Love it !!