Emmet Livestyle

Sublime Text plugin for live bi-directional CSS editing.

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This is a must-have for Front End developers, or anyone who writes CSS. Allows CSS editing to carry over from the Browser to Sublime Text & vice versa. Some cool features: - Instant Updates (no saving/ reloading) - Multi-view and multi-device updates. You can open the same page in different windows and get instant updates in all of them. If your monitor large enough, you can easily tweak responsive design as never before! And yes, changes made in DevTools of one window will be automatically applied to other ones. Makes editing between Devtools & Sublime seamless.
Really cool! CodeKit has this functionality out of the box with any text editor you use but looking at the demo video, this plugin is a lot quicker. When it comes to devices and multi-views CodeKit can get slow. I will definitely check it out — massive Sublime fan. Thank you!