Emma.ai Beta

Escape the hassle of travel planning in your calendar

Escape the hassle of travel planning. Travel with an assistant powered by AI.
Connect Emma.ai to your calendar and receive personalised travel suggestions for your upcoming meetings (and more)
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Hey πŸ‘‹ We're really excited to share Emma.ai Beta with the Product Hunt community today. We started working on Emma.ai after a travel scheduling issue ruined the day. After doing some research we discovered that travel planning is a chore that millions of people undertake on a daily basis - and we are on a mission to automate this to save you time. Our mission is to give everyone access to a personal travel assistant. Emma.ai saves busy professionals time by automating their daily travel planning. You focus on your meetings and Emma.ai will tell you the best way to get there. The key features are: 1. Automatic travel time in your calendar ⏰ πŸ“… 2. Travel personalised to your own preferences 🚌 πŸš‚ πŸš— 🚲 πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ 3. A centralised view of your upcoming travel schedule πŸ—“ 4. Clash detection when you don't have enough time to travel ⏱ Today we are inviting the Product Hunt community to try out Emma.ai and join our journey. We know we are far from perfect but we are getting better every day based on generous feedback from our early users. What would you like Emma.ai to do for you? πŸ€” All the best Aaron P.S. We offer a free plan and a free 21-day trial of our Professional plan. We are also offering Product Hunters 50% off their subscription, forever, by using the code PH50.
I've been using Emma.ai since the early alpha trials, and so happy to see it now reaching beta. Emma is so useful for me as I do a lot of travelling to meet different clients in the south east of England, so getting that information I need to get me to my next meeting on time is priceless. I've saved so much time in having all my journeys planned out for me. Thank you :) Keep up the good work!
@skinny_hagrid Thank you very much. Pleased that Emma.ai has been helping you :)
Cool idea and great execution, well done @aaronmase ! Might be interesting to add Uber as a travel option because it often takes extra time to wait for a driver etc - could potentially even automatically call an Uber using their API :) Good luck with the launch!
@alxcnwy Thanks Alex, that's an interesting idea πŸ€” We'll look into this!
I love tech and have a very busy diary. Love the idea of this product and thanks to my friend Craig for recommending it.
@chrisredmond100 Cheers Chris, really looking forward to your feedback 😊
Emma.ai has made my calendar look much more realistic, and I swear by my calendar! I love how I can change transportation mode on the spot. Thank you, Aaron & Co!
@misha_maksin Thank you! πŸ™‚Lots more to come too!