The Slack bot for Facebook ads

Emma is a Slack bot for simplifying marketers workflow when advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
B2B SaaS Consultant
The Slack bot Emma enables the user to make simple Facebook & Instagram campaign operations (preview ads, pause campaigns, change budgets and so on), get reports on performance, be educated through on-going recommendations and collaborate with other colleagues in a Slack team around their campaigns.
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Nathanael Andersson
Chief Product Officer
Thanks, Nichole, for hunting us! Hello PH, I’m Nathanael, CPO & Co-founder of Zalster, who created Emma. We created this Slack bot for Facebook Ads as a way to simplify the everyday work for marketers. The features ranges everything from commands to being notified when there's something in your campaigns that could be improved. Let me know if you have any feedback or ideas on additional features!
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Johan ElmqvistGrowth Manager @Zalster 🚀

You can tell that there's a lot of development behind this Slack bot. It's clear that it isn't an MVP that's just out there with a few basic functions and that it needs more work. Emma is out there and she's a really advanced tool with a broad range of intelligence when it comes to helping you out and saving you time when you advertise on Facebook and Instagram. She does predictions, send you well timed overviews and gives you a heads up in good time, not when it's already too late.


Time saving, user friendly, smart and a great personality! A really unique bridge between Facebook advertising and Slack for all marketers!


Her jokes are really bad 😉

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Thomas MeadFounder www.squiply.com
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