Emily is Away

A retro AIM simulator. Chat with Emily.

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So nostalgic. Creative concept, @kyleseeley23. Thanks for bringing me back to 3:30pm in middle school. 😊
@rrhoover blink-182 4 lyfe. brb. g2g. c u on twtr. :)
@rrhoover Hahaha! Right before The Screen Savers came on at 4 :-D
@narekk HA! I grew up watching The Screen Savers. cc @leolaporte @jsneedles
@rrhoover Who didn't? But OMG this AIM sim is amazing. I want a slack interface that looks like AIM (realistically they're kinda the same thing)
Oh my god this is amazing, if anything for the Blink 182 buddy icon reference. Downloading after work today.
ah, memories
It really takes you back. man, we're getting old (er)
Okay so, I end up sayin goodbye no matter what in 2006 - is that whats supposed to happen??
There's very little you can do to change the ending - and only for the worse. Though there is some branching mid-game, it's less an exploration and more a set story that you watch from the inside.