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#3 Product of the DayMay 16, 2019
Emerging Tech Brew is a newsletter that delivers the latest on all things emerging tech. From AI and IoT to drones and crypto, we decode tomorrow’s tech news for you today. Brought to you by the team at Morning Brew...because bots can't write newsletters yet.
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What’s up PH! Coming to you live from Brew HQ in downtown NYC. I’m Tyler, one of the product leads over here at Morning Brew—an email-first media company working tirelessly to make the business world exciting and memorable for millennials. Morning Brew’s core product is a daily email newsletter that gives you all of the business news you need in five minutes. It’s quick, conversational and reads like your chatting with your smart and sociable best friend. The newsletter covers topics ranging from Apple and Airbnb to Brexit and big banks. With over 1 million passionate subscribers on our daily newsletter, we've decided to take that same formula and decode the biggest stories in the world of emerging tech. If it's a technology that will shape the future of business, you'll read about it in EmTech Brew. This is our first launch of a niche newsletter outside of our core product, so we're thrilled to introduce it to the PH community and gather feedback to iterate and improve. The real stars are the other 2 makers—Ryan Duffy (primary writer for EmTech Brew), and Alex Lieberman (CEO of Morning Brew)...both will chime in shortly! Thanks again for checking out the Brew and enjoy 🚀
Even satisfying when in EU. (Although I really wish there was a local version) (("EU Brew"?)) ((("BrEU"?)) (((stop me, I'm hilarious)))
Hey PH community! Coming to you live from Brew HQ2 in Austin, TX. I'm Ryan, the author behind EmTech Brew. Thanks to an awesome team at Morning Brew, we've spent 70 days putting out the first version of this free, twice weekly newsletter that covers all things emerging tech. Now, we're on to V2 with a sleek redesign, new name, and referral program. What can subscribers expect? Original reporting, reader surveys, and features, along with analysis and aggregation of what's happening with technologies like AI, AR/VR, 5G, IoT, self-driving cars, voice assistants, drones, blockchain/crypto, wearables, and much more. (Yes, the job involves deciphering out a lot of acronyms.) I also often touch on emtech-adjacent themes like privacy, data, and policy/regulation. To give a taste of the past two months: I interviewed Andrew Yang, whose presidential candidacy is focused on universal basic income, we surveyed 5,000 people to gauge their thoughts on electric and autonomous vehicles....and we've spotlighted plenty of cool and exciting startups. We have more exciting projects in the pipeline...hop on board now so you don't miss out! PS - Shout out to the team in NYC making it all possible.

Would love if it was 3 times a week.


Informative, layout is my style, strong voice


Can get lost in all the other newsletters

do you think there's enough content in the space for it to be 5x a week?

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Its a good quick hit of what's going on in the tech industry. Its a fun read with great humor in it.


Can't think of one